We caught up with Joe this week to speak about the launch of Smokey Joez. To view the website, please click here.

Joe, could you tell us a bit about your company?

Smokey Joez were established in 2014 and have now gone on to have 3 shops in the Midlands. We have a shop in Cannock, Chadsmoor and Lichfield which sell all of our products at very competetive prices.

Thats great, and what was the reason for needing a website?

We are pretty unique in the area in the fact that there is not a great deal of vape shops. I want everyone in the area to enjoy our products and have the products available across the country. We still welcome customers into our shops but customers can now order from the comfort of their own home.

How satisfied are you with the website that CWS has created for you?

Cannock Web Services were great from the off. The website was done promptly and they even helped with putting the stock in.

How much input did you provide in making your website bespoke?

I had a breif outline of a website before but not a lot. After being shown initially, I input my own stock as nobody knows my stock better than me. I obvioulsy had a few things I wanted and they have been actioned and I am happy with my new website.

What are the main purposes for your website and what impact do you believe it will have for your company?

I suppose the main purpose is to provide great products at great prices. Smokey Joez are always having new stock in so customers should keep an eye out for this. I think the website can only have a positive impact for business which allows me gather more customers and therefore see the trends in vaping.

Thanks Joe! Great to catch up.

For all of your vaping needs please visit smokeyjoez.com.

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