The final piece of the jigsaw is the hosting of a website. Before we talk about hosting, it is important to stress that we optimise all content to soften the load on your server and speed the website up.

The hosting packages we offer are very fast and very reliable. Our hosting packages vary in price depending on the amount of visitors you are expecting and the system your website is on, but we can help you choose the most suitable package for you. We can also supply you with domain names and email addresses.

Fast Websites that make people stay

Research shows that on average, a user will only wait for 7-8 seconds for a web page to load before they close it.
We will optimise your site already, making images smaller without losing resolution which will speed the website up, but the speed off the server is also imortant.

Our servers are fully optimised to give you the quickest website possible to keep users on the website.

Calls to a database also make websites slow down, but our SSD databases don’t slow anything down.

Also included in our website packages is a domain name an SSL certificate for a year. Our servers are scalable, so if you are expecting more visitors on a specific day, we can up the usage on that server to give it more resources. Our servers are also very secure.

If you need any more information on this, contact us and we will be in touch.

Pay For Hosting Renewal

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