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New Pay Monthly

Making Your Website Affordable

Want a website but don’t want the big upfront cost? Well, we now have the perfect offer for you. Instead of the major upfront cost, you can pay an initial setup cost and then pay each month you want your website live.

Why Would This Benefit You?

Not only is there a much lower upfront cost, but it also comes with hosting, domain name and 1 hour free studio time per month. This will be a major help if you don’t have the time to update your website yourself.


As with any website, the price differs depending on what you require. If you wanted a basic advertising website for example, it could cost £100 upfront and then £35 per month.

Our Work

About Us

Why Choose Us?

Here at Cannock Chase Web Services we create excellent, bespoke designs that cater to your every need. That, along with our excellent customer support are what make us a cut above.

What Can We Do For You?

We can guide you through from the design stage, through development and all the way to live. We will keep in close contact with you to make the process as smooth as possible, whilst also adding what you need. Once live, the support doesn’t stop there with changes being able to be made.